The Autons are Plastic Dummies on Shop Windows and Wax Museums but are very Deadly.

The Autons are Plastic Dummies who are controlled by an Alien called The Nestene Consciousness. They have a Secret Weapon hidden in their Hands a Gun. The first appeared when they were Characters from Madame Tussouds Museum of Wax and also Shop ones. They Killed a lot of People by the Doctor had stopped them

Years later they tried again but they failed. The Nestene was working with a Time Lord called The Master. The Autons were Dummy Men, Devils and much more. The Master had betrayed them and the Nestene as he killed most of them. The Nestene had Escaped and hoping to have a New Army.

Then one last time they were then controlled by the Nestene as he brought Shop Dummies to life like Men, Woman and even Children. They killed so many People and destroyed most of London outside the Shopping Centre. Then Rose helped the Doctor Defeat the Nestene and they blew up his Lair. The Nestene had Escaped one more time and wanted Revenge.

They have appeared in 3rd Doctor Season 7: Spearhead from Space

Season 8: Terror of the Autons.

9th Doctor Series 1: Rose.