The Cybermen
The Cybermen metal human upgrades

These Cybermen were created in a Parallel Earth by John Lumic. These Cybermen are more Eviler, Scarier and Fearer. They had Upgrade lots of People like Parallel Jackie Tyler. Mickey stayed to help Jake Simmons Destroy the Cyber Factories across the Earth.

Then the Cybermen returned and fought the Doctor and a Group of Daleks called the Cult of Skaro in The Battle of Canary Wharf at the Torchwood Tower. They Upgraded most torchwood Staff including Head of Torchwood Yvonne Hartman. The Cybermen walked through the Void with the Sphere which had The Cult of Skaro inside. The Cybermen disguised themselves as Ghosts and in the End they went into the Void with the Daleks.


They then fell from the Skies into 1863 London Christmas Eve with the new Cyber Robots the Cybershades. They had a Cyber Leader with a See through Brain and a Cyberking. Miss Hartigan helped them and became the new Cyberking Host to Upgrade London but the Doctor stopped them and the Cyberking was Sucked into the Vortex otherwise it would have fallen on top of London.

They briefly appeared in a Group of 3 with a Cyber Leader at the Pandorica with the Doctor’s worst Enemies in History some include Daleks and Sontarans.

Miss Hartigan, Cyber Leader and the Cybermen

Cybermen appeared again controlling a space quadrant but Cyber Leader Kang's fleet were destroyed thanks to the Doctor and Rory Williams. The Doctor wanted information about the where abouts of Amy Pond as she was taken away by Madame Kovarian.

The faced the Doctor again but this time it was the Doctor and Craig Owens. The Cybermen hid underground and stole people so that they could upgrade them. Sadly they di
Cyberman Closing Time
dn't have enough parts so some had a missing top piece or a missing template. The Cybermen used Cybermats to try and lure the department store people to them for upgrading. They captured the Doctor and Craig in their lair. They almost upgraded Craig but he was storng and wanted his son Alfie to live so he destroyed their upgrading room and then they along with their Cybermats were destroyed. This is of course if they will return....

They have appeared in Series 2: Rise of the Cybermen, The Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts and Doomsday.

Christmas Special of 2008: The Next Doctor

Series 5: The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang

Series 6 Part 1: When a Good Man Goes to War

Series 6 Part 2: Closing Time