The Krafayis looks like Part Bird Part Reptile

The Krafayis are like reptiles and birds because they are large vicious creatures with bird and reptile traits. They have long necks, two wattles on the side of their heads, a quill looks like a Horn, Beaks like Parrots and Quills along the bottom of their tails. Krafayis are invisible creatures but Vincent Van Gogh the Painter manages to see it for some strange reason.

The Krafayis race always stays in groups but they left this one behind in the time of painter Vincent Van Gogh. There have been some murders by this beast but people think it was Vincent because he went a little mad and he does get drunk and barred. The Doctor got a machine which he could see the creature and he took a picture of it. He put it through the Tardis and it told him that it was a Krafayis

The Doctor, Amy and Vincent headed towards the church which was where the Krafayis was hiding. At first the Doctor and Amy ran but failed to harm it so they ran into a clothes cupboard. Then Vincent comes out and starts to attack the beast so then him, Amy and the Doctor run and run until it is a dead end. Then when Amy and the Doctor think they are going to die Vincent stabs the beast with part of his art kit. He accidently kills the beast and tells it I’m sorry and the Doctor looks down to try and touch it before it dies.