The Moxx

The Moxx of Balhoon a small blue alien who liked to spit on people.

In the Year 5 Billion the Moxx of Balhoon was an alien guest on Platform 1 to see the Earth getting destroyed by the Sun. The Moxx comes from Balhoon and he sits in chair which is able to make him move around because of his tiny little feet.

The Moxx of Balhoon is a small creature who cannot walk and as an alien gift he spits on people not very civilised. He represented the Solicitors of Joclo and Joclo for being at Platform 1.

The Moxx wanted to see the Earth die but instead after the Lady Cassandra's attack on the station with her Robot Spiders the glass protecting the guests cracked and a sun beam hit the Moxx which burned him alive.

He has appeared in:

Series 1: The End of the World