Prisoner Zero is very Dangerous
Prisoner Zero

Prisoner Zero is a very dangerous killer who can transform into any creature. He escapes his prison guards the Atraxi and makes his way through a crack in time and lands up on Earth. His appearance looks like a long slimy worm with razor sharp teeth about the size of a hand.

In order for the Atraxi to capture him they were going to blow Earth up. Now Prisoner Zero took his appearances to look human by using patients from Leadworth Hospital. Nurse Rory Williams took pictures of these people on his phone and showed them to the Doctor and his girlfriend Amy Pond. Prisoner Zero some of the time got the voices mixed up like using the man’s voice on his dog and one of the 2 woman’s children using the mother’s voice so he didn’t get the voices right.

Prisoner Zero killed all of the Doctors and Nurses at the hospital. He took the appearances of the Doctor, Amy Pond Young, a man and his dog and woman and her 2 children. Prisoner Zero is a very sneaky and very good killing monster who needs to be locked up with lots of Atraxi guarding him day and night. He was the only main prisoner they had with them. Before Prisoner Zero was recaptured he told the Doctor about the cracks and that the Pandorica would open and “Silence will Fall.”

Prisoner Zero was the first monster to encounter the new Doctor along with the Atraxi but Zero was a crafty alien who knew what he was doing. Even though he managed to escape the Atraxi could he do this again or will he be locked up forever by the evil Earth Invaders the Atraxi.