Scaroth the life Bringer

Scaroth is a Jagaroth who went back in time with his people but their ship was destroyed creating life on Earth. Scaroth help Earth by inventing lots of objects like showing people Fire, the Wheel, Star Charts, the Pyramids and again Life on Earth. Now Scaroth disguised himself as a rich man who had 6 copies of the most famous painting in the world The Mona Lisa. He was in Paris at the time inventing a Time Machine. His Earth name was Count Carlos Scarlonian who lived in the 1970s which was when the Doctor and Romana arrived.

Then when Scaroth's Time Machine worked he went to different parts of History until finally the time when his ship Exploded. He wanted to save his people and almost succeeded. Scaroth walked and almost killed the Doctor and Romana but police detective came out and pushed Scaroth in some sort of black watery lake. Scaroth was killed and his ship was destroyed.

He appeared in 4th Doctor Season 17: City of Death