The Slitheen are a mean, green and murdering Family The Slitheen are a Villainous Family from the Planet of Raxacofallapatorious who take whatever they can sell for Money. Slitheen were Disguised as MPs and the Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street. They wanted to blow up Earth and take whatever they could find that was left. The Doctor told Mickey to send a Missile and he did from UNIT. It fired and the Slitheen all died except from Margaret Blaine Slitheen.

A Year Later she was Mayor of Cardiff with the Rift in it. S
A Slitheen
he tried to kill the Doctor at Dinner but failed. Margaret in the Tardis Grabbed Rose and was Choking Her. Margaret then looked at the Heart of the Tardis and turned back into an Egg. The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack took her home to a Slitheen Family to be looked after.

Some of the Slitheen enemies include Blathereen, Abzorbaloff, Humans, The Doctor, Judoon and the Graske.

In a mini adventure the Graske had captured many aliens and one species was the Slitheen. When the Doctor and Rose released the monsters and aliens the 2 Slitheen escaped and wanted to kill the Graske. When they were
The Slitheen
teleported back home they were furious.

Their technology they have is Compression Collars; they allow disguising as Humans, Knowledge of advanced Weapons and a lot of Power Sources.

They have appeared in Series 1: Aliens of London, World War 3 and Boom Town

2005 Christmas Special: Attack of the Graske.