Peter the Winder

Winders creepy robotic Cyborgs

The Winders are from Starship UK a drifting station with England, Nothern Ireland and Wales joined up (Scotland got its own). The Winders are like the Smilers apart from them were black robes and have keys to wind up clockwork technology around the Starship UK. They are like relatives to the Smilers which could come out of their booths and kill you.

Winders are commanded by the same commander of the Smiles Hawthorne who by order of Liz 10 (Queen Elizabeth 10th) as she forgot what she did to the last of the Star Whales driving the ship. The Winders reported the Doctor to the Queen who dealt with them and also Smilers on the loose.

One of these Winders was called Peter the Winder who was the one who reported the Doctor and Amy in the first place. These Winders only have 2 faces a Human one and a Smiler one.